Submit a Video

Submit Your now offers you the ability to submit your own story in a video format to share with others.

Through research we have seen that kids find it much easier to identify with and learn skills and coping strategies from other kids who are going through similar experiences. This new feature allows you to post your videos that could potentially help others in the same or similar situation.

Here are some tips for creating your video:

  1. Put yourself in the seat of viewers. What do you want to tell or teach them?

  2. Don’t use someone’s music as your background music, you are the star!

  3. Avoid sharing to much personal identification information.

  4. If you are under 18, be sure you have your parent or guardian’s approval.

  5. Try to keep your video’s under 5 minutes. The maximum file size is 100MB.

  6. Most importantly, have lots of FUN!

We look forward to hearing your story and finding more ways to help kids!