Watch as Hayley talks about dealing with cystic fibrosis and goes through her treatments. Doctors and people with CF can do several things to slow the progression of the disease and fight its complications. To loosen mucus, people with CF exercise regularly and may use inhalers (like kids with asthma use) or nebulizers that help deliver medication to the lungs. Coughing helps people with CF clear the mucus from their lungs. They may also take antibiotics to prevent or fight lung infections. Chest physical therapy may also be an important part of a person’s CF treatment routine. After lying down in a position that helps drain mucus from the lungs, the person has a helper, such as a parent, gently bang on his or her chest or back to loosen the mucus. And a newer device called a therapy vest that shakes the chest allows teens to be more independent by doing their therapy on their own.   The Coping Cart at Norton Children’s Hospital is designed to help ease children’s stress and anxiety.

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  • Jessica 13 years ago

    Hey! I was wondering if there was any way for me to contact Hayley. I have to make a card for a religion project for anyone currently in the hospital, and i would love to make one for her:) thanks!

  • admin 13 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Jessica – I’ll shoot you and email and see if we can get you connected.

  • Irvina Gray Hayley's mom 8 years ago

    Hey it’s Hayley’s mom and hopefully there will be a new video out soon but you can also check Hayley out on Facebook at Hayley Dickerson Just Breathe ❤️ She recently received a double lung transplant on January 5th 2016 and had a liver transplant November 6th 2007 Thanks for watching