Nine-year-old Scharnese describes her experience of getting a heart transplant and how her life has changed in the process. She tells how her in-hospital “family” helped her feel more “at home” and even some of the funny experiences that made her hospital stay less uncomfortable.

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  • Scharnell Bush 8 years ago

    We are blessed beyond measures to still have my niece with us. Faith in our God, and knowledgeable Doctor’s and staff, Bishop Kaiser, and our other family members prayers were the key to this successful story. We are forever greatful for this miracle.

  • Shilese Stover 8 years ago

    Yes my miracle baby has had quite a journey. I want to think everyone that was here and prayed for us through our journey. I want to think my church family Wesley UMC, doctors, friend’s, nurses, family, co-workers, and a host of other people that are very special to us we appreciate everything! We know God is the reason.