Matthew recently had a kidney transplant. Watch as he describes the procedure and also has some fun depicting the operation on his doll. When you’re hungry, your stomach lets out a growl or two. When you run around, your heart lets you know it’s really working by boom, boom, booming! But some important body parts are quiet as a whisper. Psst — we’re talking about your kidneys. Learn more about kidney disease. The Coping Cart at Norton Children’s Hospital is designed to help ease children’s stress and anxiety.

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  • my son has a kidney disease was looking it up his name is skyler shelton

  • admin 12 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Stephen – we’d love to hear your son’s story and any advice he or you have for others that also are dealing with this condition – you can actually now submit your own video for posting here: or you can feel free to just write a reply with any advice you have for others. Thanks again and we all hope for a full recovery for your son.